Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria on the Mobile Phones and Computer Keyboards of Healthcare University Students

overall bacterial contamination level of of 78.4%, 82.5%, 82.5%, 82.6%, 83.9%, and 86% have been reported for mobile phones sampled in Iran, Iraq, India, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and Italy

Globally, mobile phones and computers (laptops and desktops) are indispensable part of human lives for communication, entertainment, and educational purposes. However, there are concerns about the increasing risk of bacterial contamination and antibiotic resistant trends from the surfaces of these devices. This study aims to assess bacterial contamination of mobile phones and computer keyboards and their resistant profile at the University of Ghana, Korle-Bu Campus, Accra. This was a cross-sectional study conducted from March to June 2017 with 240 swabs collected from the surfaces of mobile phones and computer keyboards used by healthcare students...