Keeping employees and equipment safe

London Computer Cleaning provide a cost effective service, reducing illness & extending the life span of equipment

Allergy UK Approved

We are proud to be the only computer cleaning company approved by the nation medical charity Allergy UK

  • We use high quality materials which will protect you from 99.9% of germs and 90% of allergies, so why run the risk of staff suffering from illnesses and sickness, have them work at a germ free desk.


Keyboard & telephones contain more germs than the average toilet seat, with our cleaning service we kill 99.9% of germs with prevention against listeria, ecoli, salmonella, staph and will leave your equipment feeling like new again.

Having regular IT cleaning in place is a cost effective service that will save your company money, reduces downtime and increase the life span of computer equipment. It will lower staff illness, absentees and improve staff productivity

Employees have the right to work in a clean environment that is not a threat to their health and well being. Working at a tidy and well organised desk will reduce stress and lead to happier staff.

Computer Cleaning

Our service covers a range of office equipment from desktops, monitors, keyboards, laptops, phones and more. After each visit equipment is  made safe and looking brand new again, with zero downtime or disruption.

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PAT Testing

Employers have a legal obligation to make sure all their electrical appliances and equipment are safe for employees to use. PAT testing is carried out to make sure all portable appliances are correctly, fused, earthed, insulated, polarity with no leakage or damaged.

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For over 20 years London Computer Cleaning have provided businesses around London a service that repeatedly astounds and ultimately results in frequent cleans and an array of great comments time and time again. Click below to read what our happy customers have to say...

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Many are either unaware of the condition of their equipment or accept it resulting in a build up of hair, crumbs, dead skin, dust and more among their work space. Check out these examples and before and after photos.

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About Us


London Computer Cleaning are a dedicated computer and IT equipment cleaning service. The company was founded 20 years with the notion that businesses around London lacked the appropriate working conditions suitable for employees.

Desktops are the foundation to most offices and with that comes the heavy use of the equipment such keyboards, mice etc. Studies and reports show that there are 445 times more bacteria on keyboards and telephones then on the average toilet seat. With 60% of illnesses starting in the work place its in your interest to keep employees safe and protected from the likes of viruses and allergies.

Expensive equipment stops functioning or is often disregarded due to lack of maintenance, resulting in harmful dust and dirt. Keeping keyboard keys unclogged and trackballs clean prolongs the lifespan of equipment and maintains a working environment ready for the business.

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