Keep staff safe from contaminated computer equipment by having our COVID deep hygienic cleaning service

Our computer cleaning service attacks and destroys the envelope protein that surrounds COVID-19. This protein is vital for a virus's survival and multiplication

Having a clean and hygienic workplace that is safe for staff and visitors is more important than ever. Viruses such as COVID-19 are easily contracted  as they adhere to surfaces made of many different materials. Viruses can survive on plastic surfaces for several days and is guaranteed to contaminate equipment such as keyboards, mice, phones and more whilst staff continue to touch them.

Are you ready for staff to return?

In our commitment to help stop the spread of virus , London Computer Cleaning have continued to support our clients during the pandemic by delivering our service to the many business in need of a safe workplace for their staff. This has meant we have put in place our COVID  safe policy and procedure to ensure the safety or our team and those they come in contact with.

60% of illnesses start in the work place

Staff deserve to work with clean and hygienic equipment, it proves your company cares for their well-being, staff feel appreciated and ultimately creates a healthy working environment.

Prevention against...

E. coli - An E. coli infection can cause diarrhea, blood in poo, vomiting, stomach cramps and fever

Salmonella - Salmonella can be spread person to person by poor hygiene, by failing to wash your hands properly after going to the toilet or handing contaminated food

Staph Infection - Staph infections are caused by bacteria staphylococcus. they most often affect the skin

Listeria - Listeriosis is a infection caused by bacteria called listeria, it can cause serious problems if you are pregnant of have a weak immune system

Protecting staff against flu and viruses

Dedicated IT equipment and computer cleaning service by professionals for professionals

Computer Cleaning

  • Is it healthy to work at your desk?
  • There are 445 more germs on your keyboard & telephone than on the average toilet seat
  • 60% of illnesses start in the work place
  • We will decontaminate/clean you workstation, keeping you & your equipment safe

The combination of extensive knowledge and in-house specialist cleaning products ensures our computer cleaning service will keep equipment safe, fresh and as a result save money and time.

Pick A Time

We cause little to no disruption to your working day can provide our service at a time that suits you. For no additional cost you can tell us if you require a weekday, weekend of evening visit


Provided with high grade equipment/tools and in-house cleaning substances our staff are equipped to tackle the dirtiest of computers, disinfecting and sanitising keyboards, mice, monitors and more.

Cost Saving

Having regular IT cleaning in place is a cost saving service that will save your company money, reduces downtime and increase the life span of computer equipment. It will lower staff illness, absentees and improve staff productivity

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Keyboard & telephones contain more germs than the average toilet seat, with our cleaning service we kill 99.9% of germs with prevention against listeria, ecoli, salmonella, staph and will leave your equipment feeling like new again.

Eco Friendly

At LCC we are passionate about the environment and the treatment of animals, we make sure all our products are plant-based, vegan, not tested on animals, hypo allergenic, biodegradable and contain no chemicals.


Check out our before and after pictures and some of the usual comments made by our clients afterwards. These include…

  • “I cant believe all that came out of my keyboard”
  • “I can see what I'm typing now"
  • “My mouse moves so quickly"

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Better Well-being

Employees have the right to work in a clean environment that is not a threat to their health and well being. Working at a tidy and well organised desk will reduce stress and lead to happier staff.


We are proud to be the only computer cleaning company approved by the nation medical charity Allergy UK


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