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Keeping your server room and equipment clean and fully functional


Every visit includes an free onsite assessment of both the room and cabinet setup, listing any suggestions that will improve the overall conditions and ultimately removing any factors that are currently or potentially harmful to equipment and staff. Recommendations can vary is importance and can all be handled by ourselves. For clients who receive regular visits, our assessment includes the up keep and replacement of low tier supplies free of charge. This includes door matts, mesh replacements and more. 

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Extend your protection

London Computer Cleaning carry out PAT Testing to guarantee our customers are meeting their legal obligation to keep employees and equipment safe.


And we don't stop at just maintenance, we also provide and install any server, network switch, cabinet or other equipment you require. We can add additional hardware to your setup or if you are without a server setup or room we can plan a design and build everything from beginning to end. If you require any assistance, hardware or installation please use the form below and someone will be in touch with a price.


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