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Keeping your server room and equipment clean and fully functional

Server/Comms Maintenance

For many offices, server and network equipment is at the core for everyday operation of their business. Nearly every aspect is reliant of a fully functional and effective setup, so when the server stops, so does business. This dependence results in the need for computers, switches, ups's and more to run cool and in conditions that limit the chance of failure. This can be achieved by having a clean, dust free and organised server comms room. 

Extend your protection

London Computer Cleaning carry out PAT Testing to guarantee our customers are meeting their legal obligation to keep employees and equipment safe.


And we don't stop at just maintenance, we also provide and install any server, network switch, cabinet or other equipment you require. We can add additional hardware to your setup or if you are without a server setup or room we can plan a design and build everything from beginning to end. If you require any assistance, hardware or installation please use the form below and someone will be in touch with a price.


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