Computer Cleaning

  • Is it healthy to work at your desk?
  • There are 445 more germs on your keyboard & telephone than on the average toilet seat
  • 60% of illnesses start in the work place
  • We will decontaminate/clean you workstation, keeping you & your equipment safe

The combination of extensive knowledge and in-house specialist cleaning products ensures our computer cleaning service will keep equipment safe, fresh and as a result save money and time.

Pick A Time

We cause little to no disruption to your working day can provide our service at a time that suits you. For no additional cost you can tell us if you require a weekday, weekend of evening visit


Provided with high grade equipment/tools and in-house cleaning substances our staff are equipped to tackle the dirtiest of computers, disinfecting and sanitising keyboards, mice, monitors and more.

Cost Saving

Having regular IT cleaning in place is a cost saving service that will save your company money, reduces downtime and increase the life span of computer equipment. It will lower staff illness, absentees and improve staff productivity