Blow Ultimate Air Duster


Clean out the hard to reach areas of your tech devices with a few bursts of pressurised air. No hassle, no mess, just simple non-contact cleaning to get your devices squeaky clean.

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INSTANT POWER: Remove stubborn dust and debris from hard to reach areas in seconds with a powerful jet of compressed air. The unique red ‘Turbo’ output nozzle delivers an intense stream of air with every press… it also feels good to press red buttons!

IT’S BIG: The 500ml XL can gives you more air for your money, reduces waste. It’s also fully recyclable from top to toe and made in the UK.

MADE FOR TECH: Blow is great for cleaning out keyboards, PC accessories, fans, printers and cameras. In fact it’s great for cleaning out any small or hard to reach areas around the house or office.

SAFETY: This product consists of flammable liquified gas, turn off devices before usage. HFC Free